Links need double click to open


I am editing a course that I didn't create, and the person added buttons that open links. However, you need to double-click to open the link. The buttons are not set up to double-click. I added a button, and it works fine with one click, even when I send it to the same page.

Any idea what might be happening? There are no variables or weird triggers.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Robi

I saw the same behaviour - you have to double click to get the link to open.

I did create a new file and import your slide in to see if that made a difference but it didn't. But as you said above you successfully created a button with link and it you may just want to recreate or you may want to log a support ticket with Articulate and get the techs to look at the file.

As a workaround you can add a hotspot over the top of the link and add the link trigger to that (works each time first time) - just means you lose the hover state as hotspots don't have states.

Sorry I couldn't be more help

Robi Calderaro

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your help. Rebuilding is what I recommended too. I think there might have been something in the back causing this, and it was not reset after deleting the variable/trigger.

Adding a hot spot could work but rebuilding it's much better and we need to make the course accessible :)


Thank you again!