Links not working--getting frantic

I am working with Articulate 2 (by client request). I have a TOC that branches to 3 lessons and a conclusion. The link to each is set to an initial state of Normal, with variables to change the state to a custom state of Completed once the user has passed the quiz for that lesson (slide trigger). The conclusion is set to change to the Completed state when all 3 lessons are Completed. There is a link on all slides that lightboxes the TOC so users can access it at any time. Each title link has a 2 object triggers: first to close the lightbox when the user clicks and second to jump the lesson intro page when the user clicks. Additionally, there is a condition on the Lesson 2 link to jump only if Lesson 1 is Completed; for Lesson 3, jump if Lesson 2=Completed; Conclusion, jump if Lessons 1, 2, and 3 are Completed. I know that order matters; if I put the jump to lesson link first, the lightbox doesn't close and the lesson displays in the lightbox.

This set-up was part of template I was given by the client, and has evidently worked before.

I'm having surgery on Monday and need to get this figured out so I can submit the project by Friday. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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