Links to Layers on Freeform Hotspot slide?

Jul 08, 2015

I'm creating a quiz where the user has to select the correct location on an image. I'm using the Freeform Hotspot option, and I have the correct and incorrect sections of the image defined, however, if a user clicks outside of the correct or incorrect hotspots (the image does not take up the entire slide), they still receive an Incorrect pop up. Because this quiz is complex, I am providing a link to the instructions at the top of the page which opens an Instructions layer, but I can't get it to open - clicking on that link (which is outside of the red, incorrect hotspots), gives an incorrect pop up message. Is there anyway around this? Can I have a link on a quiz page to a separate layer that is not part of the graded clicks?


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Terry Coe


I got it working, by changing a couple things. in Pic "1" I selected the gear next to the base layer. then , in pic "2", gave the slide a submit button by selecting the shown options for  player controls.

The second thing I changed was i selected the "form view" button in pic "3". I changed the submit option to "By PLayer Button" shown in pic 4.

It all works now. Here is the file back with the edits I made.

Hope I helped!

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