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I have been using storyline for a while now and feel fairly comfortable.  However our staff has found an ongoing problem with links to other pdf or office documents. 

We published the presentations as Web and once we do, the links do not work.  Does anyone have any ideas of why this is not working or how we can fix it.




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Ricky Nox

Hi Joan,

how do you link to pdf files ? Did you use a webobject ?

I have no problem using the WebObject with the following method :

  • Create a local folder called \My_PDF_folder\
  • In the folder, put your pdf file for example my_pdf.pdf
  • In the folder, create an index.html file using a text editor with the following text.
    <object data="my_pdf.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="500" height="400">
  • In SL, insert a WebObject and select the folder My_PDF_folder where the index is.
  • Choose if you want to display the PDF in a slide or in a new browser
  • And then publish to see the PDF (you cannot see the webobject in the preview mode).
    Here is an example of index.html file. 

Hope it can help you.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric,

I never personally recommend IE. :-)  I use Chrome and Firefox most of the time. But we always recommend testing the published output in the final environment - so loading it up to the web server or LMS where you'll be deploying it and then testing it within the browser which your users will use. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eric,

I'm not sure I'm understanding, but it sounds like Joan was testing the content locally which would cause the links to fail. It's got nothing to do with the browser having a PDF reader or anything similar - just that there are browser security restrictions in terms of testing content locally as described here.