links used in scroll not working properly

Hi everyone,

I am having one issue with scroll. Actually, I have used many texts in scroll bar, and each text has a "http://" links to open webpages. each link is working fine, I've tested it when I was creating triggers. but when I published to HTML5 and view my project. The scroll behaves very strange. when I hover one text and click ,it opens link of other text and also highlights that text. 

have any1 got this issue? it's happening only in scroll.  I am currently using Storyline 2 update 10.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vimal,

As Matthew mentioned it is something we had seen in a scrolling panel, especially while in a lightbox. Is yours just a scrolling panel on it's own or also in a lightbox? I can include this discussion in the report filed with our team so that we can update you here, although I'm unable to offer a timeframe and in the meantime I'd recommend using the workaround that Matthew mentioned.