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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Greg forsharing this. I played around with it for a bit, and it seems that the"extra" text boxes you have are sitting in front of or on top of theones with the actual links - with the exception of the Experience box, wherethe one with the hyperlink sits in front of the one that appears at the startof the slide. A quick fix for this - demonstrated in the one I uploaded here -is to either end the timeline for the first "Exposure" box right atthe same time the "exposure" box with the hyperlink appears (what Idid here) or you could adjust their position in the timeline, although I'dprefer the first scenario for less possibilities of clutter on the slide. (Also, ignore the changes I made to "Education" box - testingout multiple theories at the same time).

I stripped the filedown to just the one slide, and I've attached it.