List of Articulate 360 features?

Feb 26, 2019


quick question here: where can I find a list of every single exclusive feature that Articulate 360 offer versus Articulate 3, or at least the major ones worth mentioning?

I'm running a few tests between versions, but a list of features would speed things up.

Thanks in advance.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Maria!

The course authoring approach in Storyline 360 and Rise 360 is pretty different, so we don't have a list comparing features.

For most of the courses a company needs, Rise is perfect. It’s quick, the output is beautiful, and the content is inherently responsive. If a company needs courses that include custom interactivity and/or scenario-based learning, then they’ll want to use Storyline.

Choosing the right tool is certainly important. Luckily with Articulate 360, you have access to all of them, and you could even look at using Storyline with Rise!  Here's a further analysis of how the pros have been using Storyline and Rise!