List of resources cropped when viewed in certain browsers

I have a client that is having an issue I cannot recreate and can't find another discussion item for it. When a course is viewed in Internet Explorer, the resources list is cropped. The course is using the modern player and storyline360 is current on all updates (as of May 7th, 2020).

I am not able to recreate this issue, but they have consistently been able to send me screenshots of it (see attached) and they do not have a scroll bar within the panel.

Any idea how I can fix or troubleshoot this issue?

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Jeff Forrer

Hey TJ,

See attached, I can replicate your issue, I am using an older version of SL, about 3 or 4 versions back. 

I thought perhaps Compatibility View settings had something to do with it in IE but I could not get those to change any behavior.

I have had similar behavior before between Chrome/IE on a project where I had the Resources in a Slide Master layer, and in Chrome it was fine, but in IE it added a scroll bar and chopped off my content in a pop-up I created similar to yours. In my case I made the scrolling text box larger to fake it so it would not add a scroll bar and cut off the bottom of my content.

Sorry, this info probably doesn't help you, as you would need to use a custom button for Resources to open a layer on the Slide Master for your popup vs using built-in Resources ;0(

T.J. Barber

Hey Jeff! It's been a while, great to hear from you! How have you been?

Yeah, unfortunately adding in a backup button is really outside of what I'd like to do, the project is actually delivered, and this came back as a post delivery issue, so I don't really want to go back and massage the onscreen content to fit in a new button for this project (four 30 minute modules). I was kind of hoping for a fix without a workaround, and if I couldn't find one I think I really have to tell the client it's a storyline issue more than a project issue.

Thanks for looking at it though!

(5/12 edit)

Actually I might do a lightbox and tie the display trigger to a button I add to the player, so the "resources" button would look identical, but it would open a lightbox of resources instead.