Litmos, Tin Can API and Articulate Mobile Player for iPad

Hi Articulate Community,

I\'m hoping someone can help me. My wife is trying to start up an online training business for ophthalmic assistants.

We have written a lot of material in Articulate Storyline and are trying to host it in Litmos.

We want our content to work as follows:

  • PC – Display and track results in browser window (Chrome/IE etc)
  • Mac – Display and track results in browser window (Safari/Chrome etc)
  • iPad – Display and track results via Articulate Mobile Player for iPad. HTML5 output in Mobile Safari is not suitable (many course features don’t work)

It works fine on PC (and I'm assuming the Mac), but I CANNOT get the course to display and track in AMP for iPad in Litmos. I have read the forums and exported using Tin Can API for tracking (as it appears SCORM does not work with AMP for iPad).

I attach the following:

  • Introduction to Ophthalmic Practice story file
  • Screenshow showing how I'm publishing for LMS

Has anyone had any luck with getting this to work on Litmos? If not Litmos, can someone recommend an LMS that will deliver what I need?



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fabio fonseca

Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for the reply.

I've been testing these days. 

Regarding their (LMS) option to "Disallow multiple logins from the same user" , I understand you use it, since you sell content and needs to prevent someone to use it without paying for it.

Does it works fine for you? Does it prevents multiple logins from the same user at ipads running Articulate Mobile Player?

Andrew Mencinsky

Hi Fabio,

I must admit I haven't completed detailed testing of this functionality.

My main concern was getting Tin Can tracking working. Our course is structured in a way that it is very hard for multiple users to access the content (as it is completed sequentially) so while we have ticked this option it is not a big deal for us either way.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Andrew -- Thanks for your response, and I just wanted to note that the confidentiality message that must be part of your email signature was added to your post (as happens when you reply to the thread via email rather from within the thread itself). It's not a problem, but I wanted you to be aware in case you'd like to edit to remove this information. :)