Little line next to quiz feedback

Dec 19, 2012

OK, heroes, this is a weird one --

I'm using the Storyline built-in quiz template, not Articulate Quizmaker.

With every feedback "caption" a little white line extends to the left of the balloon about an inch.

Anyone else see this? Or am I just nuts? Or . . .

Attaching a picture showing this.

BTW, I would like to change the color on these balloons, but can't find the place to do that. Is it possible?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Judith!

First thing I would check is DPI - if this is off, you may see those white lines. 

Storyline will function as expected when Windows is set to 96 DPI (dots per inch).

Storyline does not currently support 120 DPI. If your system is set to 120 DPI, you may experience erratic behavior, such as:

*  Elements of the application are misplaced or distorted.

*  Objects are misplaced or distorted when previewed or published.

*  Zoomed images don't work as expected.

Here's how you can switch to 96 DPI:

By "balloons" do you mean the select-able bullets? You can change the "selected" color of these by going into Slide View for the quiz and clicking on  Design > Colors > Create New Theme Colors. The color you'll want to change is "Accent 1".

Let me know if you have any questions.



Judith Blackbourn

Thanks, Christine, I did check the DPI and it is set to 96 DPI.

Were you able to view the screen capture I sent? It doesn't seem as though such a precise line like that could be simply a matter of DPI (but I'm not an expert).

By balloons, I mean the shapes that contain the feedback messages Correct, Incorrect, and Try Again. They're kind of beige with some shading, and I'd like to use our branding colors to integrate them better into the course.


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Judith,

Yes, I did view the screenshot you posted. Also, DPI settings have been known to cause that issue in the past. Also, make sure that your zoom isn't set below or above 100%. 

I'm still not entirely sure what you mean by the balloons. Do you mean the actual pop-up windows that contain the feed back for Correct, Incorrect and Try again? I didn't see the color you mentioned in the image, it looks silver/gray to me.

Can you post the .story file here, by any chance? I'll see if I have the same issue with the line appearing.



Judith Blackbourn

Hi Christine,

Thanks for perservering on these questions!

I see that line on every feedback pop-up (what I was calling balloons), regardless if it's in a quiz or a step by step video. For some reason, in my second section (Lesson 2), the line is positioned slightly lower on the screen.

This is a pretty big file -- I hope that's OK. To see the quizzes, in each lesson click on the last segment in the navigation bar and then click next until to get to it.

Sorry, tried to upload the file but keep getting this error:  The file is on my hard drive, so don't know what that problem is!

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.



PS - you are right about the color of the pop-ups. Don't know what was bothering me about the color before! :{


Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Judith!

Unfortunately, if you see that message it may mean the file is too large to upload to the forums. You can try submitting it in a support case, or you can try sharing it on Dropbox if it's too large for a case. Or as a last result, you can try emailing it to me (send me a private message if you'd like to do this and I'll send you my address).

No problem about the color!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Judith!

Thanks for the link. Whoo, took a little bit to download, but I was finally able to take a look. After a little digging, I discovered that this line is actually a very small, long object. You should be able to remove this pretty easily.

Here's the line showing up for "Q1. 1 Lesson 2 Quiz" under the "Correct" Layer:

I went in to the Question Feedback Master and clicked on "Edit":

Once I was in here, I was able to select the line (it was a little tricky, since the line is fairly small) and I deleted the line:

Note: Make sure you're in the top level of the Master to select the line. I may not work in the lower levels.

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