Little snag with creating s-curve motion paths - I just added an attachment which may help

Jan 26, 2016

I love the fact that you can create different types of paths for your object, but I'm having a small problem: starting the motion path works well, but when I click on the resting spot for my object - ie., where I want my object to finish its motion - I can't disengage my mouse from the path... and every time I click to disengage, it adds to the path.

thank you for any help you can provide


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Christopher -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! In case you would like to take a look, you may find this article on how to Move Objects Any Way with Motion Paths in Storyline 2 to be helpful. 

And I appreciate the screenshot you've provided, but if you still need assistance, would it be possible for you to share your source/.story file as well so we can take a closer look? 

Christie Pollick

Sure thing, Christopher! We're always happy to help, and with respects to the double click trick Leslie shared, I also learned something new today!

There are lots of cool and exciting tools you can use, and in addition to this info on Getting Started with SL2, you may want to check out these articles, as well! :)

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