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Hi Team!
This might be a long shot, but here goes.
We would like to have a live survey document that employees can continually fill out over a 30 day period related to their onboarding. We also want managers to be able to pull a report at various intervals to see which employees are completing various survey items.

Is this something Articulate can do? If not, does anyone know of any software that would allow this?

Thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philip!  Storyline offers survey question slides, but it sounds like you might want the ability to have folks retake survey questions as they progress.

You could explore embedding a 3rd party survey tool into a Storyline project as a web object!  I've used SurveyMonkey, and Google Forms, and they both have good functionality.

Does anyone in the community have recommendations for surveys they love? 

Philip Deer

Thank you, Crystal.
I tried embedding a web object and it doesn't seem to meet what we need.

This will be an onboarding checklist.
- Users need to be able to check things off as they go along over a 30 day period.
- Managers need to be able to view their direct reports' responses during the 30 day period to ensure everyone completes all of their onboarding items.

Let me know if you have any other ideas/thoughts around how we might be able to do this.
Thanks again!

Philip Deer

Hi Ashley,
I tried both Google Forms and SurveyMonkey. The web object submits the survey which cannot be altered after. Users cannot go back and add to it. If they don't submit it, managers cannot pull reports from either service to see how users are progressing in their onboarding.