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Rachell Weiss

Hi There,

We ended up going with a round-about solution that worked for us at the time.  We already had a WordPress website that our external clients had access to, so we didn't want to give them another log in to a different site to access documents and trainings.  I used the SCORM plug in to be able to add SCORM Files to our WordPress site.  Then I can manage the access and reporting on SCORM.  It's really cheap through SCORM, it's about $300 per month for 300 access points, which is generally enough for us on a month to month basis.  

As for a document storage, we were able to add documents to our WordPress site for our external clients.  Since they need limited documents, it was pretty easy to manage.  For our internal users, we chose Docuware.  It worked decently well.  The search has improved since we started and it works better now than ever.  I wish the versioning was easier and I wish that worked on a Mac.  It was a decent amount of work for me to configure.   I am not a crazy tech savvy person, but I was able to configure on my own.  Now, as a company, we are moving towards Microsoft teams in a few months, so we will be losing Docuware and using Teams/Sharepoint instead to document storage.  We will continue using our WordPress site for our external customers.