LMS and Storyline

We published a Storyline test file (2 pages of text and 2 test questions) for SCORM/LMS and loaded it to our LMS. ( Learn.com) 

The course launches and the test is tracked in the LMS. 

The question is about the course launch page that is generated by the LMS when the course is imported and includes the link to launch the course file.  With any SCORM course we load (created with a variety of authoring tools including Articulate) the launch page offers the ability to add/edit the text on the launch page and it includes a place to take notes, a search featured, Exit button that takes the user back to the course catalog.  Loading a Storyline course following the same steps results in a launch page that only contains the link to launch the course and no way to edit the page.

Is there something we missed when publishing the course?  Do we need to change the configuration of Storyline? 

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

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Amber Rodbell

I received the message from SumTotal the other day, did a little digging and couldn’t find anything. This case was in response to the T&E course giving a student a score of 100% but a status of incomplete. According to SumTotal below the course was sending a score of 100 and an incomplete status, essentially saying that it wasn’t a SumTotal issue as the data being passed was bad.


I thought that I could send a question to Storyline but since I don’t have a license I can’t submit anything. Can you send this information along to Articulate to see what they say?




From: SumTotal Support [mailto:support@sumtotalsystems.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 12:46 PM
To: Loo, Kevin J
Cc: karthickjl@sumtotalsystems.com
Subject: [Case #00450514] – [First Data Corporation] – [Priority 2] – [LMS] – [ref:_00DA0HxW3._500G0Gr5tF:ref]


Case Update


Case Number



Articulate Storyline

Product & Version

LMS 8.9.1



Case owned by

Alex Jacob



[Recipients: Kevin Loo, karthickjl@sumtotalsystems.com]

Hi Kevin,

I apologize for the delay in response. We have reviewed the scorm log when ASAD attempted to replicate the issue and could see that the course is sending an incomplete status even though the score was 100. Please see excerpt from the log file

2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm
** post data:
LessonLocation: ; EmployeeID: 292647 ; EmployeeName: AZALI, ASAD ; Credit: credit ; Entry: resume ; ScoreRaw: 100 ; ScoreMin: 0 ; ScoreMax: 100 ; TimeTotal: 386.54 ; LessonMode: normal ; Exit: suspend ; TimeSession: PT4M38.98S ; SuspendData: ; LaunchData: ; CommentsLearner: <learnercomments/> ; CommentsLMS: ; Objectives: falsefalsetrue1 ; MasteryScore: ; MaxTimeAllowed: ; TimeLimitAction: ; PrefAudio: 1 ; PrefLanguage: ; PrefSpeed: 1 ; PrefText: 0 ; ObjectivesCount: 0 ; InteractionsCount: 10 ; Interactions:

2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm Entering processCommit.execute()
2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm Successfully wrote SCO data to database
2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm Leaving processCommit.execute()
2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm Sequencing Engine found in session scope
2013-12-09 19:16:02 [lwz0d0f0iuv0euzmpb300u45] [237149] INFO Scorm
** TDB received CMI Update:

pspItemId: 295631cb-9fbd-4d8c-b69f-91ab23c25a9d
completion_status: incomplete

We will have to check with the course vendor to see why the course is sending an incomplete status even when the score is 100.


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