LMS communication with the Results Slides

Is there a way to dictate the possible points of a quiz to the LMS?  

I have a quiz that has a total of 2000 pts that must be finished in 90 mins.  If the user completes the quiz in time,  the score the LMS is calculating is based on the the correct points divided by the 2000 possible pts.  (ex. 1800/2000 = .90)

HOWEVER, if the user doesn't get the quiz finished in time, the LMS is figuring the users score based on the points scored when the quiz times out, divided by the possible points when the quiz times out (ex. 950/1200 = .79).  The score I would expect in the timed out quiz would be (ex. 950/2000 = .475)

Is there a trigger that can dictate that the quiz is always out of a possible 2000 pts?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi J P,

The total score that Storyline is going to send to your LMS in terms of points is based on the points you've added to the individual questions and then the total number of questions. As for the trigger to indicate that it's always out of a set number of points, that's not something I've seen, but it could be something that you look at accomplishing with Javascript. I'll defer to the community for any additional advice on that.