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I have a course set up with one question that I need to know a pass fail response on, as well as I need to know whether the course is complete or not complete.

I thought I had it set up right, and we launched it.  It is grabbing the pass fail, but it is not marking complete in the LMS.  I decided to trial and error a few things, so I changed the tracking method in Storyline to complete/incomplete vs. pass/fail.  In the trial, it will not mark pass fail or complete incomplete, it simply shows that a user has started the course.

I tried to change the tracking method from the results slide to number of slides visited, that didnt seem to work either, it not only doesnt record pass fail, it doesnt show complete when I am done.  Am I missing something here?  Other courses in our LMS work fine, I just loaded a vendor built course that functions fine.  This is my first build in Storyline that we have tried to load.

We are using Taleo Learn for our LMS.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Eric!

With Storyline, you're able to choose the wording for one option you'd like to use when expressing learners' status with regard to this course. I'm not aware of a way to track multiple identifiers. 

You can learn more about publishing Storyline for LMS here

Out of curiosity, what program was used to build your other courses that are tracking multiple completion parameters?