LMS (Cornerstone) Completion problems with course with quiz as criteria

In the course (Storyline 360), I have a 12-question quiz at the end - each question may have a different weight.  When publishing the course (SCORM 1.2), I'm setting completion on the Results Slide - 70% passing score. 

In Cornerstone LMS, I get a 100% on the quiz (Results Slide) but the course shows up on transcript as "in progress" - can't get it to complete.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!  

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Amber Achenbach

Have you verified that the student is exiting with the EXIT button in the top right corner after taking the test? I have found that some close the pop up window after the results but don't get to the next page or close the course as intended. Sometimes the results don't populate for me until the exit button is hit. it will show in progress until then.  just a thought (easier than looking for a program flaw :) ) 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Debra!

Thanks for sharing your project file with me! I combed through your settings, and everything looks a-okay. The only thing I noticed is that you do not have a "submit results" trigger on slide 9.13. This is the trigger that sends the quiz results to your LMS.

Try adding this trigger to the base layer of slide 9.13, then republish and test it on your LMS again. Let me know if you see a difference!