LMS courses won't open or download in the Articulate Mobile App

The Articulate Mobile Player is on my iPad and I made sure I checked the 3 boxes before I published for LMS.

1.     Include HTML 5 output

2.     Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad

3.     Allow downloading for offline viewing

A few months back when I started testing Storyline with my LMS (when it was still in the Beta version), the course opened up in Articulate Mobile Player.  It no longer opens and I have been trying to figure out a solution for a couple of weeks.  I deleted the mobile player and reinstalled the App and it still did not resolve the issue.

Is there any type of setting on the iPad that may cause a disruption and not allow the courses to download or play in the mobile player? Is it possible something changed in my LMS that would block the mobile player and download.    I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

Thank you.

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Sheri Kerr

Hi Phil,

Thank you for the quick response.  This answers my question.

There is a login to our intranet which is a single sign-in.  I wonder if there is some way to work around this because Storyline is setup to pass a score to a LMS and most of them require a signon. 

Thank you for your help.

Sheri Kerr

I am using HTML 5 currently and the courses play and pass a score to the LMS using my iPhone and iPad (and other mobile devices).  I develop product sales training and my sales personnel travel a lot.  Many have asked to be able to download the course and view it offline so they can review it inflight.

It looks like I will need to create a site outside of my LMS to meet their needs.  If I find any other workaround I will be sure to post it.

Peter Anderson

Susie So said:

Hi Phil,

Our company is trying to set up Tin Can to our LMS. Are there any specification or guidelines to follow for me to share with my development team to make the Articulate Mobile Player to work?



Hey Susie!

Sorry to butt-in, but this white paper provides technical information to help LMS developers implement the Tin Can API to fully support Articulate content. 

And here's some great information on publishing for mobile devices. 
Hope it helps, and let us know if you have any questions