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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Richard and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Would you be able to share the .story file for us to take a look at?

If you need to enable debug mode:

By default, LMS debug mode is disabled in Articulate content, but you can enable it in SCORM and AICC output for troubleshooting purposes. Here's how:

  1. Publish for LMS.
  2. On the Publish Successful window, click Open Folder.
  3. Open the lms folder.
  4. Open Configuration.js in Notepad.
  5. Locate
  6. Change the value to true
  7. Save and close Configuration.js.
  8. Return to the Publish Successful window.
  9. Click the Zip option to create a zip package of your published content, then upload it to your LMS.

When you launch the content in your LMS, it'll open in one window, while the debug log will open in another. After reproducing the issue you're troubleshooting, copy and paste the text from the debug window into a document for further investigation.