LMS Debug window on an iPad

I'm trying to debug a problem using an LMS to track a project using the HTML5 version with SCORM 2004 on an iPad. The application works fine in a regular browser using Flash. I have tried changing the EXIT_BEHAVIOR in configuration.js.

The question is about the debug window. I have turned that on. It opens in the iPad Safari browser. The problem is that I can't scroll down in the debug window, and the information I want is when the project closes at the end of the list.

Does anyone else have a problem scrolling the debug window on an iPad? Is there a way to get the info at the bottom of the debug listing?

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Dane Boyington

I worked around this problem by using desktop Chrome with the plugins disabled. This let me grab the contents of the debug window, which led me to believe that the problem I had was not an LMS problem but a Storyline one. Someone just posted today the same problem with Exit trigger not working in HTML5.  For the record if anyone is watching, here is where I am on that as I put in her post:

My SL "About" dialog already said "Update 1".  To be sure I had the lastest version, I uninstalled Storyline, made sure the entire Articulate folder in Program Files was deleted, and reinstalled it. I think it still was not working. Then I tried turning on the default player navigation buttons and the Exit button in the Player settings dialog. Now suddenly it is working, even if I turn off the player Exit button and use by own custom one. You might try doing this and see if the same thing works for you. I would certainly like to know, because this is important.

A couple of oddball things I still do see:

- If you have the player set to display it's Exit button in the upper right corner, it shows when playing with Flash, but does not appear if you play in HTML5 with the same Chrome browser with plugins disabled. The only way for me to trigger an Exit in HTML5 is to use a custom button and trigger.

- The exit behavior is different when playing the HTML5 version - it acts like Configuration.js is set to EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP" even though it is actually EXIT_BEHAVIOR = "SCORM_RECOMMENDED". This make the entire browser tab close even though I have the SL project playing in a lightbox. This means I have reopen the LMS and log in again after playing a SL piece on the iPad.

So it works, but still seems buggy to me.

Tom Sampson

Did anyone figure out how to get the LMS debug window working on iPad?

This is one of the only posts I can find that refers to this problem.

Our clients LMS is resetting courses back to incomplete when re-opening them on ipad (all works fine on SCORM cloud). Am trying to prove this to the LMS provider, yet in Safari I can only scroll down to about line 60 of the debug and then it freezes and in Chrome the debug window fails to launch altogether.