LMS doesn't update the score of Storyline project

I have a Storyline project with a quiz that's scored and posted in our PeopleSoft LMS.  What's happening is no matter what settings I change, PeopleSoft keeps the initial score (80 if you failed the quiz & had to retake it OR if you got 100; and 90 if you got 90) on the Activity Progress page; however, the Table Of Contents page shows the actual correct score (80, 90 or 100--you need an 80 to pass).

Does anyone know if there's other things I can try in Storyline to get that PeopleSoft Activity progress page to show the correct score?  Or is this yet another PeopleSoft snafu?

Here's what I've tried:

1.  I tried each of the 4 'Report to LMS' options:  No Change.

2.  I tried moving the Result Slide 'submit results' trigger from the base layer to my 'continue' button that's located on the success layer:  No Change.

3.  I tried moving the trigger as in #2 AND editing the XML file to remove the mastery score:  No Change.

It also doesn't seem to matter if I retake the quiz from the Results Slide (Retry Quiz button) or if I exit and relaunch, starting back at the beginning (I do have resume set to ask if you want to resume where you left off).

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