LMS early completion on course resume/review

Hi, I am building an eLearning course in Articulate Storyline and publishing to AICC. My problem is that on resuming the course in the lms testing site (cloud.scorm.com) where you are prompted to go to the last page you were on, the course gives completion status right there. 

For example if I navigate to page 7 of 70 and exit the window. The lms status menu says incomplete for the completion status, and unknown for the score status which is normal. However when relaunching and returning to the page I was on and then closing the course immediately the status says complete/failed. 

I have followed the instructions here-


-however have had no change in behavior. Please if anyone has information on this issue, respond. Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cody,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Can you tell us a little more about the tracking/reporting options you're using in your project? Are you using the option to track by number or slides, or do you have a results slide in your project? 

If you're able to share the .STORY file here, I'd be happy to take a look and test this on my end.


Cody Blackburn

Hi Christine,

I tried to upload my file but it gave me a "404 file or directory not found" error. The file is straight off my desktop.. so not sure what the problem is there.

My publish settings are for a results slide to track completion/score. Which is the last slide in the course. 

Here is a link to a drop box folder with the file in it:


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cody,

It looks like the file is around 65 MB, which may be why it wouldn't upload to the forums. Sorry about that! I was, however, able to successfully download the file you shared through Dropbox - thank you!

I checked the settings you're using for AICC + LMS and they look good. I published and modified the output per this article for testing AICC content in SCORM Cloud. Zipped and uploaded the content to SCORM Cloud.

I accessed the content (which can be found here) as a user - meaning, I used the invitation link to access the course and not the launch option from the admin panel. 

I viewed slides 1 through 7 (Page 7 of 94), in attempt to recreate the issue you originally described, and I saw the same initial result:

I relaunched the course and resumed - I closed the course again and saw the same result you described:

I've done some additional testing and research on this issue and it looks like this is an issue we're currently investigating with AICC content. 

I republished the course for SCORM 1.2 and uploaded this version to SCORM Cloud (here's the course). I tested using the same steps and the course reporting functions as expected - "incomplete" and "unknown" are returned after viewing the second time. 

If possible, it might be best to use one of the other options for publishing. I'm also going to add this information and provide this project in the report that's being investigated by our Quality Assurance team. I'll add this thread as well, so we can share an update here when we have more information. 

If you happen to find any other information that might help with this investigation, please let us know. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

As Christine noted, there was a fix in Update 6 of Storyline 1 as detailed above. If you're still running into this issue and you're using Storyline 1 Update 8 we'll want to confirm that you've tested it in SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content. If the behavior persists, we'll want to take a look at the .story file. 

Bob Mongiovi

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I am using SCORM Cloud to test, and I am viewing it in Internet Explorer 11.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

I looked at the changes made in version 6 from the link above, and the only reference I saw related to this issue is this:

"Fixed issue where HTML5 content tracked by number of slides viewed wouldn't track properly in an LMS after exiting and resuming"

The content is being viewed on a laptop and is the Flash version, not HTML5.

We have a non-disclosure agreement with our client, so I really can't send you the file.  I'll see if we can get special permission in this case though.

Bob Mongiovi

I just had our client send us their elearning standards, which they just updated.  And they now require Storyline 2, which we just purchased recently.  So, I will import the course into the new version and send them a new package to test first.  If there are still issues, then I will look into sending a source file for you to look at.


Sam Hammond

I'm not as fortunate as Bob...I've got a client that's reporting bookmarking issues in an AICC conformant course published from SL2 (Update 5). After adjusting the settings to test in SCORM Cloud, I was able to confirm that bookmarking/resume work properly, but I noticed the premature completion issue that Bob and Cody noted above. Any reason why I'd be seeing this from an SL2 publish if it was fixed in SL1? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

I don't see an existing issue with our team in regards to a premature completion when usin AICC and Storyline 2 - so I think we'd want to take a look at your .story file. Also, the premature completion is occurring in SCORM Cloud as well as your LMS? You can share the .story file here if you would like. 

Rob Skeet

I am having the same problem. (Story attached)

I have a course where you can watch any number of videos (They are all on vimeo so you won't be able to view them) and then do the exam whenever you feel ready.

When run in Moodle, the course works fine, when run on Scorm Cloud with default setting. the course runs fine.

The client's LMS, however, has the same setting as SCORM Cloud with the Course Properties>Compatability Settings>Mastery Score Overrides Lesson Status - checked.

When this is checked and is run for a few slides then closed down (usually the 2nd time) it gets marked as incomplete/failed

in the client's LMS this puts it right away into their finished courses as failed.

Any help would be appreciated.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

I checked in on your case and I see that Abel reported this to our QA team in regards to the behavior you were seeing with AICC content and testing it at SCORM Cloud. He shared that you were able to get things working correctly if you used a different SCORM specification (SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004) so I'm glad there is an alternative for you in the meantime.

Please feel free to let Abel or I know if you need anything else. 

Sarunas Zukauskas

I'm experiencing the same problem with AICC course on SCORM Cloud. When we tested on Oracle Taleo LMS, everything was working fine.

Can it be some setting on the LMS / SCORM Cloud side? We're dealing with many different partners and LMSes, it would be nice to know what is causing this.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarunas, 

Do you need to use SCORM Cloud or is your LMS Oracle? If it's working as expected in your LMS, than it sounds like all is ok - but if you need to use SCORM Cloud you'll just want to use Scorm 1.2 or 2004. 

This thread is with our QA team for additional review and we'll update you here once there is information to share. 

Bob Mongiovi

Something that seems to have fixed the issue, at least when reviewing in ScormCloud, is the functionality of the custom Exit button on the course player.  After adding a new Player tab and call it "Exit", instead of using the action "Exit course", I choose "Execute JavaScript" and then use this code:  "top.window.close();" 

Hope that helps!