LMS Identifier if I save as a new, different course

Sep 21, 2017

I have an existing course that we'll be using as a template for other topics, so I'm saving it as a new course with a new name. I can't get the LMS identifier to change, though. Is that a problem? I don't have an internal use for the identifier, but I don't want something to get messed up if two courses have the same identifier. I feel like this is a very basic question that I should know the answer to! Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebekah, 

The Identifier field is a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline. Your LMS uses it to identify your content. If you're republishing a course that's already in your LMS, don't change the value in this field. 

Do you do a "save as" prior to updating the course and publishing? Does the course have the same title when you go to publish? Those two things should help and update the field prior to publish. 

Rebekah Massmann

Thanks! Yes if we are just fixing or updating an existing course, I never touch that. In this case, I was saving an old course on one topic as a new course that would be a new topic (but we wanted to keep the same framework/master slides). By default it didn't seem to change it when I changed the course title, but I was able to manually add a number to the string and publish it once, and then it "remembered" the new identifier.

Old: 6eXBC5jt2Gv_course_id

New: 6eXBC5jt2Gv2_course_id

Is the _course_id part on the end something that gets auto-generated based on title, such that I might not need to alter the number? Or is this just text that gets sent as is.

Thank you!

Learning Development

I seem to have the exact same issue. We create our courses in Dutch, and then do a save as to create the translated French version. Even though the file names differ, sometimes, they generate the same identifier. Even though the file name & title of the course are different in the Dutch vs French version. Is the only solution really to manually change the identifier? Seems tricky...

Gordon UBS Lam

I am having the opposite problem. I want to keep the same identifier as if I don't my LMS will require a new direct link to the updated course.   But despite only swapping out an old embedded video with a new one as the only change,  and then republishing, a new identifier is created.  Can I simply edit the identifier in the published manifest or will that mess things up? 

Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply.  I know how to edit the identifier in the manifest; that's' not an issue. My questions are:

1) why would SL360 create a new identifier when published after basic edits

2) if I edit the manifest to match the old identifier will that affect the proper functioning of the module in any way



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gordon, 

I'd suggest testing a version of the course with your edits prior to sharing, as any edits to the published output aren't something I can offer advice on. It's not something we've tested so it's difficult to then say if the course would behave normally. If you weren't ready to upload to your LMS you could always look at testing in  SCORM Cloud, as that would provide a good baseline for how it should work. 

I tested out a few .story files in 360, and I didn't see the identifier changing when removing pieces, so I'd want to know more about your steps as to "why" it's changing. It should change if you're saving as a new version, or looking at renaming the course, etc. 

Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Ashley,

I replaced a video on one of the slides with a different one, and did a "save as " to create a second version (I added _V2 to the end of the file name). I went ahead and edited the manifest file so all the identifiers matched the ID of the original version. It tested fine on scormcloud, and I am awaiting testing by my LMS team. 

The reason for my questions is that our LMS, which is cornerstone, considers the change in that identifier as being a significant enough change that it creates a new version of the course, hence making the direct link unusable and requiring us to update all existing links to that course.   So we need to know a best practice for editing a storyline file to avoid creating a new identifier. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gordon,

If you're doing a "save as" of the file, that's always going to create a new identifier as it'll be a new version of the course. So that does make sense - and the identifier is one way that the LMS recognizes that the course is the same and to treat it as such. 

If you edit the file and save using the same file name/version as before - that shouldn't be updating things like the LMS identifier. 

Becky Evens

Hi Ashley! I'm trying to create a template course, which I want to amend and 'save as' a new version and publish to create a new course. But whenever I save as a new version and republish, it gives it the same identifier. If I close and reopen Articulate, it changes the identifier, but this is slowign our process down - is there any way to force it to refresh the identifier without restarting Articulate?

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