LMS is not allowing overwriting of course with updates | imsmanifest error

we have a course running live on the client lms. as per the client feedback we made some changes to the course. most of these changes were graphic and text. no addition or deletion of screens or no changes to interactivities. when we try to overwrite the existing course with the updated file, the lms does not accept the new file. error is related to 'imsmanifest'. screenshot is attached. please advise how do we resolve this issue. we are using storyline 3 for courseware development.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vivek,

If you're publishing a new copy of it, it's up to the LMS if they'll allow you to overwrite an earlier version of it. The only items that could be changed within the Storyline file prior to publish are in this dialogue: 

Reporting and Tracking Options 

Items like the identifier should be what your LMS is looking for, as its a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline that your LMS uses to identify your course. If you're republishing a course that's already in your LMS, don't change the value in this field. If you have the original .story file and you created a copy to republish - perhaps those things are different? 

I'd also suggest reaching out to your LMS team to see if they had any other thoughts on next steps.