LMS is not registering any data during a quiz.

So we have a final exam, that consists of 40 questions pooled from 5 different questions banks (which total to 150+ questions). The entire course is the test. You click start. It takes you to the questions. You get to the results slide, and it tells you if you passed or failed. Simple enough. The results of the results slide then gets sent to the LMS (we're using SCORM 1.2) to inform the LMS if you completed or didn't complete the test based on if you passed or fail.

Here's the problem, we have a client that has an LMS that times out after 45 minutes of non-usage. This really shouldn't be an issue if the person is actually taking the test. However, for some reason, the LMS is not receiving ANY data from Storyline during the questions. We've reviewed the debug log, and after the users picks an answers, hits submit, and is told whether they are right or wrong, then prompted to the next question, absolutely nothing is sent to the LMS to let it know that is being used.

Now, this seems to be unusual, as I was under the impression that SOMETHING was sent after each question, not just when they hit the results slide.



So... why is nothing being sent? How can we fix this? How can we prevent the LMS from timing out due to "inactivity" even though the user is still taking the test?

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Janine.

Have you tried asking the LMS vendor if this timeout setting can be edited?  When you reference the debug log, are you referring to a debug log supplied by the LMS Vendor, or Articulate's LMS Debug Mode?

Here you'll find a Forum Thread where Steve Flowers provides instructions for calling the LMSCommit command on every slide load, which might be an effective method of sending a sort of "keep alive" message to your LMS.  However, I'm concerned that if the LMS is failing to receive our quiz data after each question, there could be a larger communication problem at play here.

If the problem persists, I'd recommend sending us (a) your .story project file and (b) a copy of the LMS Debug Log (using the method outlined in the link above) for further examination.  Thanks!

Janine Carbone

Hey Justin-

I believe the debug log being used was the Articulate version, however I might be mistaken about that as the IT department in charge of that was only using the LMS debug log.

In any case, our LMS was not transferring quiz data between each question, but we did notice that after 10 mins of storyline being open, that it did send some sort of data to the LMS to keep it alive on our LMS only. We think that should be enough to keep it from timing out on our client's server, since 10

If it doesn't, I will try the LMSCommit command on each slide to force communication. If all else fails, I'll be sure to send in a copy of the files for examination. Thanks!