LMS is not tracking completion

Jun 26, 2013

I have created a couple of courses in SL.  I have published them to Scorm1.2 and selected different methods for tracking and reporting.    I have uploaded them to our Skillport LMS site.  I have worked to change the completion criteria in Skillport Admin to match what I selected in SL. 

Users take the courses but they never show complete.   Currently working with Skillsoft ; however we have not been successful.   Wondering if this has happened to other SL/ARticulate and Skillsoft users.  If so, what resolutions were done?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julie! Storyline communicates course completion to an LMS (LMSCommit) when the user meets the completion requirement, either when they reach the appropriate result slide or when they have viewed the required number of slides. In order to identify where the problem lies, you may want to test your content in Scorm Cloud.  If you cannot replicate the problem in Scorm Cloud, it's probably your LMS, but if you can replicate the issue, submit a case to us to have a look at.

Brandon Alsup

Having the same issue with our LMS as well; CertPoint. Publishing the course with SL Scorm 1.2.

Rarely are the completions tracked; instead they only show "in-progress."

Since it seems to be happening across mutliple LMS' I can't help but think the problem lies in SL....

I've spoken with our support team at CertPoint, but we can't find a solution to the issue. Open to other suggestions.

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