LMS is reporting 100% however is also still reporting "incomplete"

Jun 12, 2014

Articulate Storyline is submitting a 100% Score to the LMS. The LMS shows 100% as the score, however, the LMS is NOT reporting the course status as being "completed".

My results page has a passing score set to 80%.


My version of storyline is Update 5. I am using SCORM 1.2 inside SCORM Cloud.


Does anyone have any ideas what could be potentially going on?


Thank you in advance.


The only similar thread I could find was this article, however, this says the issue was fixed with Update 2.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Dan,

we had similar problems.

although the course was completed, it still remained incompled.

Our problem was that the value that SL sends to the LMS was not the correct one.

In the report and tracking, you can change the value that is send to the LMS (passed/incomplete, complete/incomplete...) I suggest you check out what value your LMS requires to set a course to complete


Christine  O'Brien

I believe I have figured it out. When I updated some of my courses I had previous loaded into my LMS years ago, they were now showing Incomplete even though they scored 100%. I found this happened after we added the Storyline update 11. I found, with lots of trial and error, that the Submit results trigger was not on the results slide when I re-published the course. I added it back to the results slide and it then started correctly reporting Completed in the LMS.

Kevin Mehnert

Hi all,

I experienced this issue today.  I had LMS reporting set to "completed/incomplete" with tracking using quiz results and 100% set as the passing score.  Even though participants were getting 100% it was showing as "incomplete"  Changing the reporting criteria to "Passed/Incomplete"  solved the issue for me...

Good luck!

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