LMS Issue?

Hey all,

I build exams in Storyline which are published and delivered through our LMS, Greenlight. Greenlight has its own exam creation ability, but we choose to work around it because of Storyline's ease and design options.

Whenever I upload my exam in SCORM formatting, it records and scores properly in our LMS. However, when I've tried to publish in AICC through our personal server, the LMS does not record any progress no matter what.

I've read through the tutorials for LMS publishing and tried adjusting the tracking settings, but nothing seems to be working.

Can anyone think of a crucial step I'm missing?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todd,

If you're hosting Articulate content on a different server than your AICC-compliant LMS, you may experience issues related to tracking and resuming. If your content server is able to process ASP files or PHP files, you should be able to resolve this cross-domain issue using one of the following methods.

If you're able to use the SCORM output, I'd recommend to stick with that method for ease of your set up but also for better tracking/reporting capabilities.