LMS issue - completion fails after course updated on LMS

Jun 03, 2014

The company we are creating courses for uses a testing server to review them. I have no means to see what they do when uploading to the LMS, so I'm working blind with an issue. They use SumTotal LMS.

When I sent a new zip to update the course on their server, the tech person tried to replace the current course version and got a dialog message saying: "The upload was unsuccessful because there are differences between the content and replacement files in the SCORM manifest structure"

Their solution was to create a new training activity instead of trying to update the current course.

However, after doing so, the new course is no longer providing a message of completion, and remains marked incomplete in the LMS. I have not changed anything in the publish dialog, and suspect the issue is with the person uploading the course to the LMS, but they insist as a clean upload it should be working properly.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

Without access to the LMS and knowing how things were uploaded - it's hard to say for certain. I'd begin by going through the troubleshooting steps with them in this article.   You could also provide them with a copy with debug mode enabled, and have them upload that one to provide you with the debug logs? 

Have you checked in with the SumTotal team to see if that error message is connected to something specific? 

Richard Chasin

After using SCORM Cloud to test the course, I found the solution. We have a Help screen that is not listed on the left-side menu, but is counted by SL as a screen. Course completion, being determined by all screens being viewed, was expecting the Help screen to be viewed in order to mark  the course complete. My solution was to have the course mark complete one screen shy of the total screen count. We'll need to redesign our courses to work the Help content into a screen that will be in the left-side menu in order to prevent this in the future.

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