LMS Issue - Lesson Won't Re-Open

We are having the following issue:

When  a learner tries to a reopen a module from our LMS the content does not display, and the browser window that should display the content is white/blank.

This does not happen for all users, let's say <10%. But our pools of learners are in the hundreds often so 10% is not a good situation. Our LMS vendor feels it's a content driven issue - potentially the module is sending bad data back to the LMS database.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Or similar issues?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Al,

I haven't heard of this issue previously that I can remember, but I'd look at checking into the following things for the users who have run into the issue:

  • What browser or device are they accessing it from? Can you confirm that it's a supported browser as detailed here?
  • Have they completed the course when they're looking to access it again or is it at a mid point in the course? If they've completed is the LMS not allowing them to re-enter the course? 
  • Is the entire window blank, or can you see an element of the player , does it act like it's loading? 
  • Have you been able to recreate the issue? 

You may also want to look at uploading to SCORM Cloud to see if you or the other users can recreate the issue there, and then use that data to report back to your LMS team. Similarly you could look at enabling LMS debug mode to see what data is being passed to the LMS and if they're able to identify an element that may be tripping it up on a revisit.