LMS issues

We are developing courses using Storyline 2 for one of our clients. The course runs fine on local computer and on various LMSs when run by a single user, but the minute you have concurrent users everything goes haywire. We experienced problems both at client end (Absorb LMS with 16 concurrent users), and at our end (Moodle, eFront, and SCORM Cloud with 10-15 concurrent users). The problems we faced include:

• • Incorrect message was displayed even when the correct option was clicked (in multiple slides)
• Speed while transitioning from one slide to another was very slow
• Audio was breaking in multiple slides and there was echo in the initial slides
• At some points, double voices were merged
• Audio was stopping abruptly at some points
• During assessment, incorrect message was displayed in spite of providing the correct answers
• Screen freezing (one user had to restart the course 10 times because it kept freezing)
• Course is working only on IE, not on Chrome and Firefox

Is this an LMS issue? If yes, then what can be done to fix it?

I'm trying to open a case also, but the .story file that I'd like to be looked at is about 680 MB so it may or may not work. Though the published output is about 30 MB.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Manu,

I'd agree with Phil on this assessment, that the multiple users shouldn't be impacting how the file behaves once hosted on the site. Are all these users accessing the content from within the same network or environment? Are you able to have a few other users test it outside of your environment? I'd be happy to give it a try as well if you want to share a link here. Our upload form should be able to accommodate the size of your file - and you can open the case without the file uploaded and our team can talk you through a few other options for sharing the file as well. 

Manu K

Hello Ashley, I was able to upload the file and open a case. Waiting for Articulate support to get back.

It's copyrighted client content so I can't post links to it here.

The client tried from Minnetonka and from the Phillipines but the result was the same.

Once Articulate support gets back to me, I'll post them here.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Manu and I do see that your case was submitted ( # 00993801 for my reference) and that my colleague Angelo is taking a look.

Also just as an FYI responding via email includes your signature here so you're welcome to edit the forum discussion to remove that information. It doesn't appear to be anything confidential or personal though.