LMS limits file uploads to 100 files at a time. This makes some files error

Jan 29, 2019

We are having issues with our LMS limiting our file upload at 100. If there are over 100 files it errors out. This has happened to both Storyline 360 and Rise files. So we are planning to publish as HTML 5 only (we previously did HTML 5 fall back on Flash). Is there anything we should be aware of in this situation? Also, will this actually cut back on the amount of files we upload? If not, what do you suggest? Are there files that are not needed in a Published file or ways to cut the amount of uploaded files? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

I also saw your other question here.

Are they limiting you at 100 MB file size or 100 files total?

Publishing to HTML5 will remove a couple files from your published output such as the story_flash.html. You'll still want to make sure that all the files included in the published output folder are uploaded to the LMS in the folder that's created upon publishing. Each file and folder structure is necessary for playback within the LMS. 

Amy Schuster

I have a follow-up question. We are still dealing with this issue. It is not the file size at this time, but the number of files are limited to 100 per folder.  We are a K12 school so due to grades recording with the LMS we tell our students not to use phones. The folder that keeps being a problem is the mobile folder. I am wondering if students do not use phones, is the folder necessary? If it is not, how can I go about not using it? Is there a setting I can do in publishing or story setup? If not can I just leave the mobile folder out? We do have some students who use tablets and Ipads? Is this folder necessary for them? Thanks for all you do! 

Najam  Fazal

The main folder is story_content. It will contain all media files (images, thumbnail, audio, video). The contents of this folder share the most weight and number of files in the published output. If you remove the mobile folder, it does not affect the course when you do not have students using mobile devices. The content will scale down automatically on tablets.

Back up your main published output and then remove the mobile folder and try to upload the course. Make sure to test it out before making it available to the students on both desktop and tablets to 100% sure.

If your story_content folder is huge (which it should be considering a normal course), I'd suggest to split the course into smaller chunks and upload them as activities. You can publish specific parts by going in Publish > Web > Publish Menu Item (the last one) and click Entire Project to bring up options to publish single slide or scene.

If all fails, perhaps you need to sit down with IT department to figure out a better way because limiting files per upload should not restrict access to knowledge for students.