LMS & Marking Completions

This has been posted time and time again (I've spent hours researching this topic) but I am so frustrated so thought I'd try to get a different answer. 

Our LMS provider is Bridge/Instructure (not that I think that really matters). I have everything published in Storyline to their best practice. SCORM 2004, 4th edition, Completed/Failed. 

Our learners are given iPhones when they start, so I have unchecked Articulate Mobile Player. I have a exit course button on the quiz results slide. Our learners are entry level, low education learners.

The problem is that when I test the courses on a laptop or iPhone, they work fine for me. A lot of times the exit course button doesn't work, but if I click the back button, it will register completions. We have at least 10 emails a day with screenshots asking us to mark learners complete. I know that it is 90% user error and not being patient. 

However, I need a way to make this easier on our learners. I don't know a lot about Javascript. But wondering if there is a way that I can have an extra file/slide/layer to force mark complete so that my learners don't continue to have this issue. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielle,

Troubleshooting those user error issues are always the trickiest - especially when they are 100% certain they did it correctly. 

There may be folks in the community who could offer ideas on the Javascript element - so I'll leave that in their hands. 

It sounds like the issue is users exiting on the results slide before results are passed? What about a message to the users on the results slide to "Click here to submit their score" or something? That could take them to a final slide, congratulating them, telling them how to exit the course, etc.  That would mimic the same behavior you're seeing with the "back" button passing the results? 

One idea of hopefully many from the ELH community! Good luck with your project and let us know what you settle on! 

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Danielle, I just happened to answer this same question for someone else, so here's a link to that discussion: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/lms-completion-issue

Caveat, my experience is using StoryLine 2, producing SCORM 1.2, and playing in Moodle 3. So your mileage may vary, as they say. Hope it's helpful in some way anyway!

Michael O.


I was recently hired by a large University in a department that is looking to update their compliance training and heard that Bridge is being utilized by another department in the U. Before going down the path with Bridge I would like to learn more about its built in capabilities and options. Were you able to resolve your student completion tracking issues in Bridge and Storyline? 

Do you have any experiences using these two products you can share with me?