LMS Marks Complete on 2nd Resume

Apr 27, 2017

I have a 86 page lesson with a 10 question quiz with a single result page at the end.  If you take everything in one shot, it works perfectly.  LMS switches to complete by simply closing the browser on the last page after passing the quiz.

Prior to taking the quiz, if you close the browser and resume it works fine...LMS switches to IN PROGRESS.   However, if you exit a second time and resume, the LMS switches the in progress status to COMPLETE.  This occurs prior to ever reaching quiz.

I've tried different pass/fail/complete settings.  And it works perfectly on scorm cloud.

LMS is Tracker.Net

Any suggestions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ricky,

It sounds like you were pointing to the correct file, as Storyline would serve up the HTML5 output if the user was accessing in a supported browser without Flash.

Do you know what browser you tested in? I'd also want to have you test it at SCORM Cloud, as it's a standard for how SCORM output should behave. 

Ricky Singer

Yep, I was pointing to the correct file, I just had left off the 5 when I entered the URL into our LMS.  (This was the first lesson I ever put up on our server using Storyline.)  I experienced this issue with IE11, Edge, Firefox and Chrome...did not try on others.  Once I added the 5 back into the URL everything works beautifully across all devices, including iOS. 

It worked fine in SCORM Cloud....I saw you recommend that enough in my searches so I tried that first before posting here.  Once that worked I really focused on the  LMS settings and finally discovered the mistake in the URL.




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