LMS not displaying updated content after file change


I wonder if you can help.  We need to make a change a tiny change to a course, this that affects no quiz or results slides. 

We are using Storline, published to zip and uploaded to Docebo LMS.

We have found that when we upload a new version of the file to the LMS when we launch the module the old one is displayed.

We have tried different browsers, IE, Chrome, FireFox, clearing cache, deleting historys etc, deleting flash player cache.

Can anyone help at all?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Michelle -- Thanks for reaching out and so sorry to hear of your troubles! It sounds like you have already run through quite a bit of troubleshooting, but I wanted to share this article for good measure: Old Version of Content Is Displayed After Updating Published Files. If issues persist, we may need to take a closer look at your file, and if private review is preferred, here is the form you would need to submit. :)