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Apr 09, 2014

Hi there -

I created an assessment file for a course that has 18 different "homework" quizzes that learners have to complete over the course of 2 weeks. The idea is that users will complete a homework one day, submit results for that homework to the LMS, and the next day will resume the file and do the second homework, etc. The problem I'm having is that once a user gets back into the file for the third time, any answers submitted do not map to the LMS. Also, once I'm in the course for the third time (i.e. I've resumed where I left off on two occasions) all the drag and drop questions cease to work and the multiple choice questions do not allow me to select the correct answer (I can only select the wrong answer and submit). It seems to be an issue with exiting the course and then trying to "resume" again - if I go through the course from start to finish in one go it is not an issue.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this problem other than breaking the file up into multiple files?


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Christy Hannum

I have an update to this problem. I found that if I submitted results for a module, exited the course and logged out of Articulate online entirely, and then logged back in, the problem disappeared. The problem seems to arise when I exit the course and get back into the course and resume where I left off without logging out of Articulate online.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christy,

I'd like to know more about how you've set up the tracking for this course, do you have multiple results slides for each set of the quiz/homework and then a final results slide? Could you set me up with an administrator account to look at your AO course? You can PM me the details and feel free to use Support@articulate.com as the email address - just don't send the information to that address as it's a general account for our support team.

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