LMS not recognising course as being successful

I am developing courses for a client in Storyline 360. So far all of the courses work as expected - except one which is not being recognised as being successful. It's difficult for me because I don't have access to the LMS so just going off what I am being told.

All courses are built in the same template and with the same triggers and settings.

The quiz does not have a success or failure screen - it's just a self check quiz, they do get a percent result but we don't have a pass or fail mark.

I have a trigger of 'Course Complete' when the user clicks on a course complete button.

When publishing (Scorm 2004), I have chosen Tracking: Course Complete trigger, LMS report status to LMS as Complete/Incomplete.

I can't attach the course because of confidentiality. Is anyone with more LMS experience than me able to say why a course with these settings might still be reported as 'Not passed, retry' by the LMS?

Could it be a simple bug, and I'll need to rebuild? (I have tried opening a new Project, then importing the slides, but that hasn't worked.)

Many thanks for any help you can give!

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Matthew Bibby

That's good, that means it's a Storyline thing and not an LMS thing.

Looking at your images, I think I've found the issue.

In the reporting and tracking options, you have Completed/Incomplete selected:

However, your complete course trigger is sending a Completed/Passed message:

This won't work. Try changing the complete course trigger to also be Completed/Incomplete.


Sarah Cook

I was assuming that if the default must be Incomplete until they visit the
last screen and press the button.

All the other modules are set up this way and they are working...

Also, I have just heard that all the modules open in a new browser window,
but this one doesn't. In the Player I definitely have the 'Launch Player in
new window' selected. I am a bit baffled.

Sarah Cook

Thanks for taking the time to respond Phil. The LMS is my weak side, this is a good learning experience for me.

I've tested it in the Scorm Cloud - it does show 'Completion - Complete' but for Success it has 'Failed'.

I don't have a pass/fail for this course so that makes sense to me?? I'll go back and see what the client says. Thanks for your time.