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The guys hosting my module sent me this email, can anyone help!!!!

"I think we have discovered why the score being returned from the AMO iTec E-Learning Module isn’t being recorded by the LMS. Although the score and pass/fail status is being returned the module completion status being returned is ‘suspended’ which indicates to the LMS that the module is still incomplete, hence the score isn’t being recorded.

There may be an additional setting that you need to select in Storyline to return a ‘completed’ status once every page in the module has been visited and the assessment completed."


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Andrew Lupton



Thanks for replying, here is a message that the host has sent me:

I think the key to making this work is understanding why the original version is returning the status Completed: True and Suspended: True (see first attachment) which is telling the LMS that the module has been ‘completed’ but is also still ‘in progress’ which I think is what is causing the problem with the score.

If you can produce a version that returns status Completed: True and Suspended: false when run from SCORM Cloud (like the attached Code of Conduct example created in our authoring tool) that should then behave correctly on the Knowledge Centre LMS and return a score. Unfortunately we don’t know enough about the various features/options within Storyline to suggest how this can be achieved so Articulate will probably be the people who can best help with this.

Now I'm not a coder and I don't really understand what he is on about, can you shed any light on what he is saying.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew, 

So it sounds like it worked as expected in SCORM Cloud? Unfortunately we're not coder's either, nor are we able to assist with any modifications of published output - but if it worked as expected in SCORM Cloud, then it should work within your LMS. What SCORM version are you publishing with?