LMS percentage versus Storyline course report mismatch in SCORM course

Hi All,

I'm struggling with a client's proprietary LMS and the way it's processing the score that is being sent from a Storyline course. In a nutshell, the final exam is the one that is set to report results. It's a question bank with 30 questions of which 20 are drawn. There are other question banks and individual question slides in the course but I've triple checked that none of those are included in the results slide tagged to be reported back to the LMS. I'm not getting the correct percentage reported/displayed by the LMS. 

Here's the longer version:

I took the course and completed the two required exams. The first score is not set to report anywhere, you just have to complete it to be able to move to the second section. I scored 19/20 (95%) on both exams (not that the first should matter). When I look at the results (print results from the quiz results page) it shows my score correct (19/20 and 95%) but when I go back to the LMS my score on that individual attempt is actually 97%.  I have no clue where that number could even come from.

Normally I do significant testing in SCORM cloud so I can rule out any reporting issues before it gets to my client's LMS but this course is massive due to videos (300+ mb) and I didn't want to have to charge my client more for the testing to upgrade SCORM cloud if there was an easy fix.

Any one out there who can shed some light on this for me or should I bite the bullet and buy the SCORM cloud upgrade?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Leah -- Sorry to hear of the struggles you are experiencing, but since the SCORM Cloud is the industry standard for testing, I would think it best to go ahead and buy the SCORM Cloud upgrade. Here is the link to a new article on Troubleshooting with SCORM Cloud, and a blog as well on the same topic. Otherwise, maybe some members of the community might be able to offer other suggestions. 

Leah Hemeon

Hello again, after extensive testing in SCORM Cloud it seems that it is a problem with on the Storyline end... based on the debug logs from SCORM Cloud, the course isn't sending the correct percentages back to the LMS as the final exam is being completed. On the final course screen the Storyline course tells me my score, I scored 95% according to the results screen but what is sent back to the LMS is actually 93.33%. 

I'm using Storyline 2, Update 5. Here's what I've checked so far:

  • The quiz questions being included in the reporting are all from a single (correct) question bank containing 30 questions. It is serving up 20 of the 30 questions.
  • The questions in the bank all have a value of 1 and a weight of 1.
  • The correct results page is selected on publish.

I did find a thread from a few months ago about question banks causing some scoring problems but I thought that thread also said the problem was fixed in the latest update.

Eliminating the question bank in this case is not an acceptable solution as the final exam is a certification that requires randomized questions from a bank.

Please help! The client (and I) are desperate to deploy this course again. We have over 100 people waiting who have already purchased access to it and we had to pull back after the scoring issue popped up.

Thanks so much!


Leah Hemeon

Hi there,

Thanks! I just submitted a case. The file is uploading now. Be ware - it's a large file. Lots of video. We originally had this as two separate modules but the clients want their learners to go seamlessly from one module to the next without a break. I definitely advocated for keeping it split but for now it need to be one GIANT course.