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I have just about given up on using Moodle as my new LMS because using the HTML5 response time is way too slow and it doesn't work with the Articulate Mobile App which from a demo I have seen is quite speedy.  Does anyone know of a full featured LMS that will work with and track the Articulate Mobile App other than Articulate Online. It would help if it is not too expensive.  Thanks, Doug

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Doug,

In our organisation we're using Net Dimensions, it is a complete LMS and offers much more than your standard LMS-system.

It doesn't come cheap (compared to Moodle which is free)

On the other hand, it is pretty modular and options can always be added afterward.

Previously we used a French based LMS Syfadis, good, not all that expensive, but it didn't offer what we were looking for



Doug Thom

Thanks Geert, I will have a look at it.  It looks like we will be going with Articulate online for this project which is simple.  I am very impressed with the Articulate mobile app and I think our students will be very happy with it.  We will probably use Moodle for our more full featured requirements on another website. I have learned that the playback problems I was having are due to my connection.  We are using JoomlaLMS on a third website but the database has too many inconsistencies.  Data updated in one place is not reflected in others which gets the students all upset and reasonably so.

Kind regards,