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Dear ELearning Heroes,

I have a quiz with 46 MCQ questions that I have uploaded as a SCORM into Blackboard.  The reporting to grade centre seems to work for almost all students.  For a few students however I get a strange combination of "null" under the answer column, but then a "correct" under the "result" column.  Has anyone seen this - and have you got any suggestions on how to resolve, I was hoping to collate the results of the class. (attached is the screen shot of the grade centre) Thank you,


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Jon DeGroot

Hey Eszter,

I did some testing and may have found the problem. If the answer they choose has a space at the beginning of it Blackboard will display "Null" if you are outputting as SCORM 1.2 and "undefined" when publishing as SCORM 2004. Take a look and see if that's the case. With the amount of questions displaying that error though and with you mentioning it's not happening to all students I may be off on this. Let me know what you find! If you're able to send me your .story file I could run some tests on our Blackboard system if you'd like and get back to you.

Eszter Kalman

Dear Jon,

Thank you for your offer to run tests. I definitely may have the occasional space in the answers, though probably not many. I’m not sure why BB would be displaying “Null” for some students but not other however. .story is attached, and thank you very much!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eszter!

Looks like Jon is assisting you here. In addition to your attachment not coming through via e-mail, please be advised that your signature is attached. You are welcome to pop in and edit if needed as well as utilized the 'Add Attachment' option in your reply to get your .story file attached as Jon shared.