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Jan 22, 2013


I was wondering if you could explain the LMS reporting status in more detail. I have read all of the articles, but it's not clear on what happens in the LMS when you select each of the statuses. I published a course in the LMS using the default setting of passed/incomplete and the LMS is reporting all of the users that failed as 'In Progress'. My organization is having a hard time differentiating between who actually failed the course and who did not properly close the course. For reporting they want to know all the users that have completed, passed, and failed the course. They would also like a total quiz score to appear in the LMS for users that fail and pass. 

Can you tell me which status I should select and any other LMS publishing tips that might help.

Thanks. Aimee

Here's the part of the article that I am referring to:

If the window includes a section called LMS Reporting, use the selector to choose the wording you'd like to use when expressing learners' status with regard to this course.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Aimee,

It can vary by LMS. Some of them support some of the reporting options, but may not support others, or all of them. The best thing you can do is test to see which ones are supported and work for you, or you can even ask your LMS. 

The articles here and here may also help with the issue you're seeing with the reporting for your LMS. You may also want to try testing the presentation in SCORM Cloud to help determine if the issue is Articulate related or if it's on your LMS's side. If it appears in SCORM Cloud as well, we'd be happy to take a closer look at what might be going on. If you can't replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it's probably an issue that you'd want to take to your LMS team. 

Let us know how it turns out!


Aimee Hunter

Hello Christine,

I have read all of the articles and no of them provide an explanation on the difference between each of the options. Is there any information on how LMS systems respond to the publishing options in Storyline? I know that each system is different, but there must be some general information. We use SumTotal. 

We have tried all 4 options and no one them have provided the LMS reporting variables that we need. We need is to show that the learner has completed the course and we need a score for the quiz regardless if they pass or fail. Is there someone that I can contact?

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Aimee,

It sounds like it may be your LMS that is preventing you from seeing the question level details, such as the quiz score you mentioned, as Storyline sends all the data listed here. It's up to the LMS to determine how to interpret that data.

Have you tried contacting SumTotal to see if they can give you some information or suggestions that may help you with retrieving this information from your courses?


Brian Allen

I wanted to follow up on this thread for any fellow SumTotal LMS users out there who may have a similar question in the future.

Here are the LMS reporting options we mostly use when publishing from Articulate for SumTotal LMS, and the scenarios for which we use them -

  1. Completed/Incomplete: We use this for any unscored content where we are tracking completion based on slide views. If the minimum number of slides are viewed, then the user is marked as completed. If not they are left in progress.
  2. Passed/Incomplete: We use this for scored content where we want the user to be left in progress if they do not achieve the minimum passing score. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they remain in progress and no score is passed to SumTotal, allowing them to try again.
  3. Passed/Failed: We use this on a limited basis, primarily for things like compliance or certification activities where we want to record a failed status. If the user achieves the minimum passing score they are marked as completed/passed with score, if not they are marked as completed/failed with score. This is especially useful if you want to limit number of attempts through a learning activity for the purpose of assigning remedial training, etc., in the event of someone failing.

My guess is that these reporting options will function fairly similarly for any LMS.

We're currently on SumTotal LMS 8.2 SP7, and are in the process of upgrading to 8.9.  If you're using Articulate and SumTotal I'd be interested in adding you to my friends network here in the community!

Tex Hale

Hello Brian

Would the above report apply also to Oracle Peoplesoft LMS?  We are having the same issue with status reporting to the LMS. Even though the learner failed the quiz, the LMS reports a Completed status.  We currently allow the learner to Retry the quiz before they close the course.   Would it be best to take out this option and let them relaunch the course on the LMS if they fail?

We would like the LMS to show the Fail score with a status of Incomplete.   Also show the Pass score with a status of Complete.

Which is the best scenario to use for PeopleSoft?

Brian Allen

Tex Hale said:

Hello Brian

We would like the LMS to show the Fail score with a status of Incomplete.   Also show the Pass score with a status of Complete.

 Which is the best scenario to use for PeopleSoft?

Hello Tex, not sure if you're still working through this issue or not...  I'm not familiar with PeopleSoft LMS, so can't speak with any authority.  With that being said, I can share my experience with SumTotal in the hopes that the two systems may be similar or that it helps in some way.

I don't believe with SumTotal LMS that it is possible to show a Fail score with a status of incomplete.  Storyline does have a LMS setting for Passed/Incomplete, but what this will (or *should*) do is pass a status of Incomplete without the score back to the LMS if the learner does not finish the quiz with a minimum passing score.

I believe that it is the nature of most if not all LMSs to treat incomplete in such a way that if the quiz tells the LMS that the quiz is Incomplete, it will not record a score for that attempt.  The LMS should only record a score (passing or failing) if the quiz tells the LMS that it is Complete.

I hope this helps, please feel free to private message me if you would like to discuss in more detail! 

PS, sorry for the delay, I have been participating in an online MOOC that has been sucking all my time up, thank goodness I'm almost complete with it!

Dena Poppe


I am using SumTotal. I have two courses where I have a one-question acknowledgement that is required to be completed to complete the course. The question is 100 points. Some learners are receiving a Completed status and some are remaining In Progress. See image.  The In Progress statuses are showing the score has been passed, but the status doesn't change. I have to go in manually every so often to mark them as Complete.  Any resolutions to this issue?

Denise Simao

Hi - I've been reading a few forums and still don't think I have a grasp on how to address this exact issue and maybe this isn't the correct location for my post but here it is!

I've been using SumTotal (ST) and Storyline for years now and have just recently run across something I found a long workaround for but would instead, prefer to know the best practices.  My issue  is 0% score showing in ST.  My publish settings, etiher completed/incomplete and passed/incomplete, publishing both scorm 1.2 and scorm 2004, send a 0 score in the roster in ST.  Now it does show as complete when tracking by viewed slides; however,  I do NOT want the 0% score displayed on the transcript or lesson progress in ST, even though it is showing complete. 

Anyone have best practices for this or must I do workarounds?  I am using the latest storyline with ST version 8.2 SP 8.  If I have to contact ST, I must as well keep my long workaround as that won't get me anywhere!

I should add that appears to only happen when exiting and relaunching the module utilizing the content exit button.  Doesn't happen doing this 1x and exiting out of the content exit button AND doesn't happening exiting multiple times using the browser exit. 


Amber Kustan

@ Dena, I am having the exact same issue with SumTotal.  We are new users of SumTotal, went live January 29th.  Currently we launch courses that the learner must get 100% on the quiz in order to pass, otherwise, they may retake the quiz until they pass.  Our LMS (SumTotal) is indicating 100% to the learner, but the status stays at "in progress" and will not change on their transcript.  SumTotal is not able to tell us why.  Any suggestions??  I did have the course completion / tracking set to Completed / Incomplete, Pass/Fail, Pass/Incomplete....tried them all.

Amanda Spake

@Dena and @ Deborah, 

We are having the exact same issue with users getting 100% on the assessment and the course still listed as in progress.  It's sporadic (about 10% of our users) so we can't easily troubleshoot. I've logged a ticket with SumTotal support in January but am not having any luck so far (logged the ticket 1/29).  I've sent them our course files to look at so if I find out anything, I'll let you know (though they are so slow with responses I don't think we'll be hearing from them anytime soon).  It's at least comforting that others are having the same problems, we thought it was just us!  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda and Deborah,

Sorry to hear about the issues you're experiencing with tracking in SumTotal. Have you review this blog post on troubleshooting common LMS issues?  That may help in testing out all the options and methods before you hear back from them - and I'd keep sending them support emails. Squeaky wheel and all.

Also, Amanda - welcome to Heroes! 

Rod Burgett

Hi Ashley and Amanda,

We are having the same issue with the assessment and the course still listed as in progress.  Have either of you found any solutions?  We are using SumTotal and the modules are created in Storyline.  Our experience is higher than 10% on a recent e-module/assessment created in Storyline.  We've tried the troubleshooting common LMS issues link without success.

Amanda Spake

Hi Rob and Ashley,

We have found a tentative fix, though I will say up front we haven't officially verified this was causing the issue (but seems to have worked so far).  We have made sure prior to publish to update the Duration field on the Reporting tab (on Reporting and Tracking Options) to either be 30 minutes (for a course without audio) or the exact duration (for a course with audio).   Before, we would just leave it as the default.   We're hopeful this is the fix, it has worked on one course completed last month, and for our latest course we haven't had any issues reported yet (though only half of participants have taken the course so far), but optimistic it will work fine.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

I'll definitely be curious to see if that resolves the odd behavior, as the duration field is set to show within the mobile player as described here but not necessarily anywhere else. Granted, depending on the LMS it may be something unusual I'm unaware of. 

Thanks for coming back to update us and please keep us posted! 

Linda Herring

Was any of this ever resolved?

I have a course set to record complete/incomplete based on a test result slide at the the end of the course. This worked perfectly for the course last year, but this year SumTotal shows the course as In Progress.

It also locks up and the user cannot close SumTotal and the tester used the browser.

When she went back in, the Resume took her to an apparent random slide (not one she exited) and still did not record complete, but "In Progress."

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Linda,

I'm not sure how this ended for Amanda, but hopefully it's working correctly for her.

For most any LMS-related issue, this blog post is the place to begin.  You also want to be certain that you are packaging your published content properly for your LMS.  Also, be certain that you have contacted the Support Team for your LMS, since they are best-equipped to tell you what may be happening with the status of the course.

If you wind up empty-handed after reviewing the links above, I would next recommend comparing the performance of your content at SCORM Cloud.  If you cannot reproduce the problem there, this is likely an LMS-specific issue, and you will want to generate debug logs and supply them to your LMS Provider for additional troubleshooting.

If you see the same behavior in SCORM Cloud, please consider sharing your .story file here, so we can test on our end.



Beth Wonderlin

Good morning.

I'm having issues with my file sending a "completion" status back to the LMS.  I've tested it on scorm, it it runs through the module fine, but it doesn't show any completion of the training.  Could i have somebody look at this file, to see what I am missing?  It would be any triggers applied to the "SUBMIT RESULTS TO HR" button.   Since this module doesn't technically have a quiz, I made the thank you page a "quiz results" page....  I'm not sure how else to handle that, without a quiz.  I do appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth, 

Thanks for sharing your file here. When you mention testing, were you testing it on SCORM Cloud? That's an industry standard for testing your SCORM output and this article walks you through some testing steps. 

I see that you're using that results slide as your tracking method, but that you also have it connected to a hotspot quiz, which is never submitted as the user doesn't click on the hotspot - it's off stage? 

Beth Wonderlin

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