LMS Reporting Fail when Closed

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a small issue figuring out how to create this scenario for when users fail a module twice in a row. I want to create a system where when a user clicks retry twice the course ends and then the LMS displays failed.

So example I have 6 questions, the user needs to get 6 questions correct to pass if they fail they have the option to retry. If then the user fails again the course will end and the LMS will generate a failed response. 

Hope that makes sense.

I tried creating a system where when the users click the button retry that it adds a variable (1) to a variable I created called (attempts) which has (0). So I defined it as (when user click button retry add +1 to variable (attempt), when variable reaches (2) end course. Is this the correct method?

Hope someone can give me some help.


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