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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Stephen!

As a starting point, here is the quiz data sent to an LMS by Storyline SCORM and AICC content. 

It sounds like you're looking to track latency data, which is how long it took a learner to answer the question. Storyline can report that information, but it's up to your LMS to determine how it gets reported back to you. 

What LMS are you using? Folks in the community might be using the same one and can suggest how to unlock this piece!

Stephen Beck

Thank you. That helps.  However, I am also wondering how the time in the course is tracked. For exampled if a user needs to read through a handful of slides before arriving a slide with a review quiz, then how can you track the total time?  This matters because some CEU courses need the course to be a certain time length (e.g. a 10 hour course).  Perhaps this sort of tracking is done by the LMS that articulate plugs into. 

Per your questions, I don't have have an LMS yet. I am still searching. If anyone has suggestion, please share ! :)