LMS reporting issue - wrong question name

Aug 19, 2020


I am working on a course and my client wants to have all information concerning the questions on LMS. Till now all the information send to LMS is good except for the name of the questions. The questions name do not match the name given to it in storyline. Instead the name is define by either the name of a proposition in the question or by the name of the slide of the question.

The reporting is different for different LMS.

My client uses Conerstone and has the information in Capture 1 whereas I get better information for the question using Talentsoft LMS (Capture 2).

I am wondering if there is a way to get the name of the questions exactly as it is in the course on LMS. 


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Équipe Production

Hi Matthew,

My publish settings for LMS are SCORM 2004, 2nd edition.

The informations send to LMS is right but the name of the questions are coded.

The slide and the title name of the question in storyline is "Besoins énergétiques".  I want to have this name send to LMS instead of "Boite_3%2010%20-%20-Rectangle".

What are the changes needed to get it right ?



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