LMS Reporting Overview Anyone?

Hi there. 

I'm looking for an overview of what LMS reporting settings should be used in what situation. I am using Storyline, but I think these settings are pretty similar across many software packages.

Passed/Failed and Complete/Incomplete are pretty self-explanatory, but for example should they ONLY be used when the course completion criteria is set to slide count? What if there is a quiz in the e-learning, but it is not necessarily a requirement to PASS the course, but is necessary to COMPLETE the course? Many LMS's seem to use the PASS as a criteria to continue on to the next course, so this can be important.

The other two settings which mix Fail/Pass/Complete/Incomplete totally baffle me. 

If there is a generic explanation on the web somewhere I'd really appreciate it if someone could direct me to it. I am using a proprietary  LMS so I have some influence as to how it will respond to Storyline messages. Thanks.

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Steven McAneney

Thanks Phil, I have spent three years of trial and error using Captivate and Articulate Presenter. I use Firebug to analyse the SCORM messages going to our LMS to help with LMS development. What I really want to know is the intended purpose of the four reporting settings, they are the same in all the elearning packages I have used.

There MUST be something on the web, I just can't find it!

Steven McAneney

Hi everyone.

I am still looking for ideas on this. I'll rephrase my question to be more specific. I'm using SCORM 2004 3rd edition.

From the 'Reporting and Tracking' area when publishing a project.

First, Tracking Options:

Q1. What cmi. message is changed and in what way, when 'Track using slides viewed' is selected? cmi.progress_measure I presume...

Q2. Same question as above for 'Track using quiz results'. cmi.score_scaled at a guess?

Second, Reporting Status to LMS:

Q3: I can understand that if you are tracking using quiz results, you'd use the Passed/Failed option, and if you were using slide count you'd use Complete/Incomplete, but when would you use Passed/Incomplete and Complete/Failed?

Q4. The LMS reporting settings and tracking settings seem to contradict eachother to me.

How can you select a LMS reporting status like Complete/Failed  or Passed/Incomplete if your tracking options are set to 'Track using quiz results' for example? Surely when tracking using quiz results you are sending cmi.success and cmi. score mesages to the LMS, not cmi. completion...So what is SL using as a basis for the 'Complete/Incomplete' part of this reporting status when this tracking option is selected if no Complete/Incomplete criteria (i.e. slide count) has been defined? The same question applies for when you have the tracking options set to slide count. Where does the Passed/Failed data come from if no passing score is defined?

SCORM 2004 seems to be full of black-magic, and the lack of consistent information for content developers like myself (as opposed to programmers) has been frustrating. This is not a direct complaint directed towards Articulate, just a general observation. I am hoping the friendly and helpful Articulate community, which I find amazing, will be able to help me again.

Thanks in advance.