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Nov 29, 2012

Setup: I have a slide with 10 checkboxes, The learner will check off boxes for tasks they have completed (both on and offline tasks).

Issue: Reporting back to the LMS the numer/percent of the checkboxes they have selected.  i.e. "Learner X has selected/completed 50%" would signify Learner X has checked 5 of the ten checkboxes.

In Captivate you are able to set any button to be tracked and reported to the LMS.  It appears that Storyline can only report quiz interactions with a results slide.  Does this mean I can't use storyline for this scenario?

Why are there so few LMS/SCORM settings in storyline?

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Joe Deegan

Saw the Hulk Hogan profile pic and felt compelled to post : ) A possible solution would be to use a multiple response question and make each response worth 1 point.  If there were 10 checkboxes and the respondent marked 5 of them then they would receive 50% on the question telling you they completed half of the tasks.  The score on the results slide should be 50% and that's the score that should be passed to the LMS.

Hope this helps!

M. Bosscher

Thanks Joe, I've played with that very idea, but I think I need to play with the quiz settings to allow them to "retry" the checklist and add to it as they continue to finish tasks.  i.e. on monday they are 50% done, then on tuesday they finish the remaining tasks, can they go into the LMS and click the remaining 5 boxes?  Or will they have to re-select the original 5, and then click the new 5?

(I know technically i'm asking an e-learning tool to do non e-learning development, but an interactive onboarding checklist for new hires would be pretty fantastic.)

Joe Deegan

There's something that I haven't tested but you could try out and it may do the trick.  If you go to the "Player" settings then click on the "Other" option you have "Resume" options.  Set it to "Always Resume."  Then go to your question slide from "Story View" and in the lower right you have the "Slide" settings.  Set the "When Revisiting" setting to "Resume State" and hopefully this will save their answers and allow them to resume from where they left off.  Like I said, I've never tested it and the results may vary depending on your LMS but it's worth a shot.

However, I would normally use something different like a survey or questionnaire tool for this depending on what LMS you are using.

M. Bosscher

That did work.  Only problem I'm having now is that my "pick many" interaction is considered one interaction. So it's either all or nothing.  I can't get read on how many of the boxes were selected.

Obviously I could do it with variables, but those variables wouldn't be submitted to the LMS would they?

Could I trick storyline and have a custom variable increase by 10 (%) with each click, then on the submit button set the interaction score = my custom variable.

Ok time to see if that is possible.

Sharon Maguire

Hi 'M'.  You've just described exactly what I would like to do.  I would also like to have a checklist of activities that a trainee can complete.  We have reading material that employees need to complete as part of their induction training.  It's unlikely they would get this done in one sitting though.  I would also like to record a score to our LMS for this.  I too have tried playing with the multiple response scenario, but it just doesn't work well.  Please let me know if you come up with a workable solution... I'm very interested.



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