LMS score not updating properly


Am using Storyline 3 and published the course with Scorm 1.2 (Passed/Failed). But LMS score is not displaying properly. Am checked in Cloud Scorm aslo. Please check the attached screens for your reference. Also am attaching the storyline file. Please check and reply as soon as possible.



Chandrasekhar M.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Chandrasekhar! 

Thanks for allowing me to test your file! I ran two tests, one passing and one failing, and here's what I found.

Test 1: Scored 100% on quiz, and SCORM Cloud correctly showed 100% and passed.


Test 2: Scored 30% on quiz, and SCORM Cloud correctly showed 30% and failed.


Could you also test this link and let me know if the reporting and tracking is accurate in your testing?