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We make our modules on storyline 360, and have just had an LMS (360 learning).

We would like each activity to return the detailed learner response. That is to say: question, learner's answer and correct answer.

The LMS advises us to change the following parameters on storyline : ·         “cmi.interactions.n.description” : question title, where “n” is the question number.

·         “cmi.interactions.n.result” : learner result on the question. Worth “correct” or “incorrect 

·         “cmi.interactions.n.learner_response” : the learner's response

·         “cmi.interactions.n.correct_response.0.pattern” : the correct answer

Where can we find these parameters on storyline?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for reaching out, and great call to open a case! I see that my teammate, Georvy, has reached out with some testing results from your course as well as shared some information in this article that may be helpful.

Be sure to keep at it with him if you have further questions, and I'll follow along as well to provide any relevant insight here!