LMS Scoring Completion vs. Passing


I have published a course and the report status to the LMS is Completed/ Incomplete. There is no quiz or test required for this course. Tracking completion of this course is by how many slides are viewed.  When the course is taken in the LMS, the final score shows passing with a score of 0%.  I have communicated with the LMS and they seem to think it is something that needs to be changed in Storyline. I want the 0% removed or changed to a 100%. The attachment shows what the learner is seeing after the course is successfully completed.

Thanks for your help with this.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

Have you tried testing your file in Scormcloud (industry standard LMS) and that will indicate if the issue is with SL or your LMS - it may just be an option that needs tweaking. 

I would also try changing the reporting status to Passed/Incomplete and see if that makes a difference to the % score.

Michelle Bordovsky

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your reply. I have not tested in Stormcloud. Will look into that. I will try to republish with the Passed/Incomplete to see if that makes a difference. I published the course in Completed/Incomplete and the LMS is reading it as:

I can confirm that a “Passed” status was definitely received from the module. After that, if you are still getting scores appearing in your enrollments, then you may wish to contact Storyline support and ask if there are any other settings to take into consideration that may be causing a passed mark to be returned to us.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

that image is from your LMS? Can they not suppress the field that is showing the % score even if SL is sending something?  

Perhaps if you test in Scormcloud, do the reporting status change and see how you go...if still not working let the community know which LMS you are using and someone may be able to chime in to help.